Where can I check the serial number on my Coach pouch?

I just bought two bags and I hold some pretty good experience and knowledge contained by knowing real from fake designer lots, however I'm looking to prove a friend wrong (she doesn't believe it's real) about the bag self real since I bought it Plato's Closet, and someone has owned it back and they traded it in. So if anyone couldtell me where I can check the serial numbers, if I can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
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umm. hold on, let me try to find it for you.
inside the bag.Infront of the pouch
The following numbers will other indicate a counterfeit Coach bag, especially any serial number starting with NT- or TN- :

NT-4903 NT-4908 NT-4115 NT-4157

TN-9085 TN-9096 TN-9951 TN-4186

7H-7456 4C-9911 40-8624

In reality, ANY Coach bag with lone two letters or one number and one letter to the vanished of the hyphen can be assumed to be fake, whether or not the number is in the above account

These are just SOME of the numbers found on counterfeit bags that be made In Korea:

501-02 701-02 101-22 101-147 and anything starting with 101-,102-, 201-, 202-, 301-, etc.

but there are oodles more number combinations being used. Coach bags will never hold serial numbers in these formats, and will NEVER say Made In Korea. Coach have never made bags in Korea.

Almost adjectives numbers beginning with H4B- are forge, like these:

H4B-0532 H4B-0516 H4B-0678 H4B-0517

except for H4B-8983 which should only be on a Scooter Bag and H4B-9948 on a Bucket Bag.

More not genuine numbers:

M4N-4154 012-3445 308-9937 308-9875 - this one is VERY common

J4D-4133 is fake unless it's on one of the classic Waverly Totes.

Always check a bag's serial number and be sure the style number in fact belongs to that bag. It still may be counterfeit, though, so don't use serial numbers as your only experiment. The counterfeiters also use many legitimate-looking serial numbers but on the wrong style bags or accoutrements, like -5659 which should only be on a Scribble Tote, -6094 which belongs one and only on a Signature Demi, -9956 from an all-leather Pelham Bag, and -1417 which should only be on an East-West Leather duffle. Accessories with style #5077 are simulated, that number belongs to an Optic Bee Tote.

Fake pebbled or nubuc leather Sonomas are showing up with incorrect numbers - Sonoma bags from the mid-90s should other have style numbers starting with 49xx except for going on for half a dozen exceptions.

Many popular bags from 2006 and 2007 are immediately being faked and hold serial numbers starting with "M3U-". These are all put-on since a Coach with that year code would have be made in 2003.

A correct serial or style number will never prove that a Coach is genuine, but an INCORRECT number will other prove that a bag is fake.

Look at the guide on the outside of the bag. Most Coach bags enjoy a "C" pattern. On a true Coach bag, this stencil will start in the middle and extend outward. Also, an authentic Coach bag will hold the tip of the C touching the tip of the opposite C.
Look at the seams. In a tangible Coach bag, the middle seam will go straight through the middle of the Cs, and the C's will extend to the sides of the rucksack. If the Cs are cut off on the sides, it is probably a fake backpack. The stitching should also be very neat and okay done, with no overlaps or dangling thread.
Look at the logo carefully. One intensely obvious sign of some impostor plenty is that instead of a "CC" logo, it looks more like "GG".
Check out the style of the handbag. Does it look like something Coach have released recently? Before you buy a Coach bag past its sell-by date the street, on eBay or at that swap meet, take a look around a high-end retailer to become identifiable with the styles of real Coach plenty.
Open the bag and look inside. Is the Coach logo repeated on the lining? If so, repeat the previous steps for checking the logo and stiching. Look for a serial number because on the larger Coach plenty, there should be a serial number stamped on a square patch of leather sewn into the lining.
Examine the hardware. Coach uses individual the best. Is the zipper of high quality? Coach lots have "YKK" stamped on their zippers. Also check out the tag; if it say, "Made in China," it still might be a real Coach purse, but it is definitely a fake if it say, "Made in Korea."

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