How can i let somebody know if a Prada Bag is Authentic? I can't find the style I enjoy anywhere on the lattice. Could beafake?

Need value of a Prada Hand Bag I received from the UK.The trouble is I can't find an exact match surrounded by style anywhere online.So I either have a "Fake" or a definite "One in a Miollion". I have the Certificate of Authenticity for it (Has the alluring strip on the back, along with the ART, MATERIALE, COLORE, and TAGLIA.).My card read ART: M836 MATERIALE TESSUTO, COLORE EBANO, and TAGLIA is blank, as is the space ware the shop wrights it's name and the date.The outer paper card attached to the pouch by string(The credit card like one was inside and unattached to anything.) read slightly different: ART B8888, NATERIALE in place of MATERIALE on inner card. Outter card reads VELA. COLORE NERO written outer card and EBANO on inner credit card like one. TAGLIA is left blank again on outter card. Shop and Date are also blank on outter daily card. Paper card has 3741in blue ink "Stampted" on a strip of paper that seam pasted to the actual card. It's uniqueness is the "Bow-Tie" of leather across it.
i didnt really read your summary but if its real inside the purse inside one of the zippers it have a little strip of paper that have like a serial number then its tangible if it dosen its fake I live here In the U.K. I live in London and ive see like millions of the ones you described down here in London
If you buy it from a non-authorized dealer of Prada... most likely it is put-on (or stolen) although it has the Certificate of Authenticity.
It sounds fictitious to me. The fact that the info on the cards is different is a huge red flag. You didn't say where on earth you purchased this bag, but the majority of bags purchased online from places approaching eBay are fakes. It is doubtful that you have a "one within a million" bag.
Here is an article you can read about determining if it's actual or not:
Oh, who cares! World hunger, wars, genocide, and adjectives you care about is if your Prada purse is existing? Grow up!

Oh, and I hope it's fake! It'll match you and your self-worth perfectly.
I think the price is the defining factor. If you get it cheap, its a fake, if it was exhorbitantly expensive, its tangible

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